Saturday, 28 February 2015

Saturday, February 28, 2015
I am sure that on your pursuit to find more details about the examination you have come across many articles that will tell you about the possible methods to prepare for the WBCS (Preliminary) Exams. Well, even if you have not, I want you to give a little read to the methods stated below.

You are in the right place and we will help you prepare in the best way possible. I had earlier written an article stating what was required and how one should prepare for the exam. You can find it here : The best way to prepare for WBCS.

Now, What to study? Where to study from? Which Books to buy?  

There are loads of books that are available for WBCS (Preliminary) preparation, but before you go on buying every other book that you come across, go through the list below and see our suggestions.
We know that most of the questions in the General Studies are from the 10+2 level. Your concepts must be clear.

1. History: NCERT Books (classes 11,12).
2. Geography: NCERT Books (classes 11,12) or any geography book for secondary standard. A good atlas is also needed. (Oxford preferred)
3. Science : NCERT Books (classes 6-12)
4. Polity : NCERT Books (classes 11,12), along with the book by Dr. D. D. Basu
5. Economy: NCERT Books (classes 11,12), daily newspapers are also needed to be gone through.
6. Current Affairs: Manorama Year Book along with daily newspaper reading.
7. English : Wren and Martin is best
8. Mental Ability: R.S Agarwal is the most preferred.
9. Magazines: Civil Service Chronicle is a good read along with Protiyogita Darpan.
10. Oriental’s Book for WBCS (Preliminary) is also very helpful as it contains all solved previous year’s papers.

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These books mentioned above is not just for the WBCS examinations. It will help you in all other competitive examinations also.

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