Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wednesday, December 04, 2013
CSS CreationsCSS or Cascading Style Sheets has made the web quite beautiful and interesting. If you are a web designer or a web developer of just a simple user who has heard about CSS before then you might also know how powerful CSS really is.

For websites which have been primarily based on CSS and HTML5, the designing is done in its entirety by CSS. CSS makes the web beautiful and also does things that were previously not possible and often required Flash or other software. Even our website is based on just simple CSS and HTML5. CSS save a lot of Work.

In this article we will take a look at some of the stunning creations that are made using CSS. 

1. Periodic Table Created using CSS and JavaScript

This is one of my favourite and which is why it is in the number one position.

Interactive periodic Table

This periodic table is interactive. Click the link to open and new window and experience the Periodic Table.

2. The Coca Cola Can Animation

This Coca Cola Can animation loads much faster than the same done in flash. CSS shows how much effective it is. Although the coding part is a lot more difficult and the creating it in Flash is really quite easy.

Coca Cola Can Animation 

3. Pure CSS 3D Meninas

The classic paint The Maids of Honour (Las Meninas) has been transformed into this CSS pseudo-3D/parallax effect. It is pure CSS, which means there is no javascript or flash involved: only CSS and HTML code has been used.

It has been tested and it is working on Safari 3, Firefox 3, Opera 9, Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 4 and Konqueror 3.5, and it validates.

Pure CSS

4. A Colourful CSS and JQuery Clock

This is a wonderful CSS and JQuery Clock with vibrant colours all around.

CSS Clock

5. AT-AT Walker

Right from star wars comes the AT-AT Walker.

At-AT walker

Well that was our Top 5 Wonderful CSS Creations, there are loads more available and you can find them by a little  searching in GitHub. 

But if you know of some more wonderful CSS Creations that we should have included in our list then do post their links in the comment and section. Also if you like these then do share them along. 


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