Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013
PHP Tutorials
This is the first tutorial in the series of tutorials that we are going to be making in PHP. If you want to learn PHP then its advised that you should know little or basic understanding of the following languages.
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
Now lets get a detailed information about thing language. If you have done programming earlier and have some basic concepts of programming then learning PHP would be a breeze for you. The basic PHP is really easy but when you get into the different frameworks it can get a bit difficult to understand the first time. Although after some time you would eventually be able to grasp the concept clearly.

Some key points to remember:
  • PHP is actually an acronym. It stands for 'PHP Hypertext Preprocessor'.
  • PHP is a open source scripting language and it is widely used. Some of the most famous websites use PHP. For example Facebook uses PHP.
  • All the PHP are executed on the server itself.
  • All PHP files are saved with an extension '.php'
Now that we have a basic idea of what PHP is you might be wondering what can it really do. PHP is really a powerful scripting language. With HTML we are just limited to the output that it produces but with PHP we can achieve more than that. You can create output such as images, PDF files, flash movies and you can even output other texts such as XHTML and XML.

Other than these things here are some more things that PHP is capable of doing:

  • You can generate dynamic page content for your website using PHP.
  • You can create, read, open, write and close files on the server using PHP.
  • Form data can also be collected using PHP.
  • Cookies can be either sent or received by using PHP.
  • You can use PHP to even encrypt data.
  • Restrictions can be imparted to pages in your website.
  • Database manipulations such as add, delete, modify can also be performed using PHP.
PHP is also very versatile and it can run on any platform. Whether you are using Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac or any other OS, PHP will run on it. One of the other major reasons for the popularity of its use is that its FREE. You can download PHP from and get the official version.

In this introductory tutorial we have provided you with a basic generalised idea about what PHP really is and what is capable of. More tutorials are going to be made in this series as our aim is to guide all beginners of PHP to Professional level.

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  1. I use ASP and when testing locally I see “http://localhost” on my local pages. If I choose to try out PHP on my PC, will I run into trouble? Can both ASP and PHP run on the same PC?

    1. There will be no problem. You can try out both ASP as well as PHP on your local machine.