Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013
If you have a Blogger Page or Posts then you would like to engage with the readers and learn how they feel about a particular post or Page. Comments provide that medium. It enables your readers to share their views, ask questions, provide suggestions based on your content. Also one more thing to remember that your blog's traffic can be understood with the number of comments that its receiving. 

Now, even though comments are so much necessary to be enabled, you might sometime want then to be disable also. Imagine you have a page which is showing the Privacy Policy, or the Terms and Conditions of your website. In such pages you generally don't want comments to be enabled. 

So, today we will learn how to enable and disable commenting in Pages and posts in Blogger. If there are any steps that you don't understand than do post your comments below. We will reply to your query as soon as possible. 

Enabling or disabling comments in Blogger is very easy. There are basically two pages where you can enable or disable comments, they are blog post pages and static index pages. 

How to disable comments on all pages in Blogger

As mentioned before if you have any pages like about us, privacy policy, terms and conditions then you would like to disable comments. Also if you have any posts which you want to disable commenting as they have become old and you want to show only the interesting comments. Then this is how you can do this. 

Open you Blogger blog, then navigate to Settings and then Post and Commenting. You will notice the following options. 


Now as you can see there are loads of options mentioned here. Let's understand what they all mean and what they all do. 

First we have the option to choose the Comment Location. In this you can choose one of the following options
These are the options

  • Embedded - This option is present by default and it makes the comments appear in all pages. The placement of the comment box is just below the posts. 
  • Full Page - This will option will take the readers to a seperate page where they can post their comments. A link 'post a comment' will be added below your content.
  • Popup Window - A popup window appears in this case and you can post your comments there. 
  • Hide - This is the option that we are concerned about at the moment. We will use this option to hide the comments. This will stop new comments from being added but existing comments will continue to appear.
Now, we can also choose who can comment on our blogs posts and you can also choose to moderate comments before they are posted. Moderation should be enabled if possible. It helps to stop spam comments. 

How to disable or enable comments on pages and posts

The above mentioned method helps us to enable or disable commenting feature for the entire blog, meaning all the pages and posts. Now, you might not want to disable commenting feature for the entire blog but only for a few pages.

Just follow these steps to learn how you can achieve that.

  • Login to your Blogger account and then navigate to your blogger dashboard.
  • Select the page or post that you want to disable or enable commenting feature for and click on Edit.
  • Now in the right sidebar you will notice an 'Options' link. Click on it and the menu will open. 
  • Select the options that best suits your requirements and click 'Done'. There are other options as you can see, but they are not concerned with commenting and so you don't need to change them.
Well that's it, you are all done. You have now learned how to enable and disable comments in Blogger pages and posts. If you liked this post, leave a comment and share it with others.

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