Thursday, 26 December 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013
Renaming Blogger Labels
Using labels in Blogger is necessary as well know and the reason for that is, for better site navigation and for your content to be found. If your content are not labelled properly then they will not be found by the readers of your site.

Blogger being a very user-friendly platform makes managing your blog quite easy. There are some areas though where Blogger becomes a bit complex and hasn't evolved yet. Renaming labels is one of those areas. As there are no present feature that would let you to rename the existing blogger labels.

So, how do we do it? 

There are two basic steps that can be used to do it.
  • Manually editing the posts and changing the labels. This is extremely tedious and it must be avoided.
  • Creating a new label for all existing posts in bulk and then deleting the old labels.
We will now show you how can create a new label for your posts and then delete the previous labels. Do remember its not necessary to delete the previous labels if you are planning just to create a new label and not to rename it.

In our example to took some sample posts about mobile reviews. As you can see they all the the label : 'Phone'.

posts with label phone
The posts contain the label 'Phone' at this point

We want to change that label to, let's say 'Smart Phones'. So here is how we do it.

How to remove labels
Watch carefully how we did it. Instructions are mentioned below
Steps :
  • We first select the posts that we want to change the labels of. In our case we selected all the posts. 
  • Then we click the label button and click 'New label...' 
  • In the dialog box that opens we write down the name of the new label that we want. In our case we wrote down, 'Smart Phones'.
  • At this stage two new labels are created for the posts. Now we select the posts again and click the label button once more. 
  • We navigate to the label 'Phone' and click on it. On clicking the label 'Phone' gets deleted from all the posts that we have earlier selected. 
Note : One important thing to remember when adding new labels and deleting previous ones. All the posts that were using the previous labels not exist any more. What I mean to say is that, if for example (taking the posts that we just showed you ) we try to access posts with the labels 'Phone' we will not find them any more. We will get a 404 error with a message similar to this "No posts with this label name". So take everything into consideration while removing labels. 
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  1. Nice post. I like the way of your picture tutorial. Label is not the minor thing, it can be used as back jack on a post if we put keywords in it.

    Divya @smtutorial

    1. Thank you Divya. You are right about using Keywords as Labels.