Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Before we start this series we suppose that you have some understanding of HTML/XHTML. We will have tutorials about HTML/XHTML also soon for those who might need it. The power of CSS are shown in some of the articles that are published in our website. If you go through them then you will notice that CSS is really very useful and a bit tricky sometimes.

See this article to check some wonderful CSS Creations: CSS Magic

Well,now that the excitement has been build up, let's start the tutorial series.

What is CSS?

The acronym CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. You should know that we can use different methods (styles) to display HTML elements. Well, Style Sheets were introduced to HTML 4.0 as a solution to a problem regarding the styling of the HTML elements. Styles can be stored in External Style Sheets and they are called CSS Files. These files have the extension (*.css).

Here is a CSS DEMO :

Why is CSS important?

  • CSS is used to define how the HTML elements will be displayed.
  • They save a lot of work. As the a single file can be used by all the pages in a website.
  • This code more easy to edit and make alterations. Editing one file will effect the all pages that have included the CSS file, thereby not requiring the web designer to make changes to all the pages.

Some key things to remember: 

  • CSS was created by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • CSS is now supported by all the browsers.
  • From HTML 4.0 it was made possible to remove all formatting from the HTML in order to store it in a separate CSS file.
  •  CSS files are saved with the .css extension.

That concludes our first tutorial. We will upload all the parts soon. In the meantime do share with us what you think about the tutorial that is here. If you have any suggestions or request then post your comments below. We are also accepting requests for any tutorials that you want in our website.


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