Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013
The first step to prepare for any of these two competitive examinations is to have the right knowledge about the syllabus and then to have the proper study study materials coupled with the most organised study schedule. Now, for those students who have decided to prepare for these exams by themselves and not go to the coaching institutes, which quite frankly charge a huge amount of money. 

We at All Job India have from the beginning tried to bring you the study materials that are necessary to get started with your study plans. We have also uploaded numerous question papers and tests that will also help you to prepare for these exams. 

We recommend you to go through these content once and then continue reading this article. 
If you have gone through these article mentioned above then you will notice that you might need a bit more help and this is why we have decided to provide you with the best collection of books that you can use to prepare for the IAS and WBCS examinations.

Books for CSAT and W.B.C.S Prelims

These are some of the best books that are catered to the examinations perfectly. We suggest going through them thoroughly.  (*Get special discount when purchased through All Job India)
These books that we mentioned are some of the best books that you can get and kick start your studies. Now we know that there are loads of other books also and everyone have different recommendations but you might find some books are quite common among the aspirants.

Here are some other books that you might consider looking at. These are also good books and will also help in your preparation.


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