Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Google FeedburnerCreating is website or blog and posting contents in it is not the only thing that a web master needs to be concerned with. When it comes to delivering the contents to the readers,  Feedburner makes things quite easy for us. 

Feedburner service which is now a Google product helps to distribute your website or blog’s RSS feeds to the readers efficiently. You can track the how your feeds are performing and how much reach each new updated has. 

Now, that we have got a simplified idea about what Feedburner is let’s get back to the topic and find out how you can show off the Feedburner Subscriber count in your website or blog. 

Every website get’s a personalised Feedburner link that can be used to read the RSS feeds. 
Our website All Job India has: as the Feed link.

Follow these Steps: 

Step 1

If you have already created a Feedburner account(You need a Google account to easily create it in minutes). Then navigate to the "Publicize" tab

Step 2. 

 Select the FeedCount Option from the left side panel.

Step 3.

After clicking the FeedCount option you will see the options as shown below. You will be able to select the Chicklet Style (The FeedCount Design), You will also be able to choose the colour scheme and when you think you have the perfect design that matches with your website or blog you can copy the HTML from their it self or you can use the Auto Widget installer that Feedburner provides.

This is how our FeedCount button looks :



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