Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thursday, November 07, 2013

"KINECT", A New Sign Language Translator Developed By Microsoft

  • In a collaboration with researchers in China, Microsoft has developed a new cost-effective sign language translator (KINECT) that can convert sign language into spoken words by a computer and also do the reverse.
  • This translator uses a computer and a Kinect Motion Control camera.
  • Here Data are being captured by the using of the Kinect motion control camera usually attached to its Xbox 360 console, that recognizes signing gestures, then gives a spoken and written translation of languages for people who can hear.
  • Starting in February 2012, with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a running 18 months of development, the Kinect translator can now recognize 370 of the most popular words in Chinese Sign Language, and American Sign Language.
  • Microsoft Research program manager Wu Guobin said, I think it’s been great. In a year and half, we have already developed the system prototype”.
  • Microsoft is currently still working on improving the language recognition technology, and needs to expand the vocabulary of sign language the system recognizes.


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