Saturday, 30 November 2013

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Awesome CSS Colour Code Generator

CSS Colour Code Generator | Hexadecimal Colour Code GeneratorFor all web designers dealing with colour codes sometimes gets a bit too messy and you start searching through different tools to find the perfect colour combination. Here we are going to show you a colour picker which will provide you with a six digit colour code in hexadecimal form. 

Now this was initially meant to help web designers but I think that this colour picker can help all kinds of designers and anyone who needs to find the colour code of a particular Hexadecimal code, or if you are trying to find out the colour of a code which you don't recognise.

Generate CSS Colour Code in Hexadecimal Colour Code

  1. Drag the bar on the Colour selector to the Colour of your choice in the Palate. 
  2. You will notice that the Hexadecimal Colour Code will be generated in the Hex tab. You can now copy the colour code and use it as per your choice.
  3. That's it!

Find Matching Colours from the Hexadecimal Colour Code

Now, if you have any code that you want to find matching colours for then use the colour picker and match finder below.
  1. Paste your Colour code without (#) in the form which is present above the "Update Button" and then click the "Update Button"
  2. You will notice that Four Matching colour has now appeared in four boxes which you can see on the right side the wheel.
  3. You can now the Colour Code that you desire and use it anywhere you desire.

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