Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013
I am sure that on your pursuit to find more details about the examination you have come across many articles that will tell you about the possible methods to prepare for the WBCS (Preliminary) Exams. Well, even if you have not, I want you to give a little read to the methods stated below.
Before we continue on lets break down the syllabus a little to see exactly what we are up for.

No. Subject Marks
1. English Composition 25
2. General Science 25
3. Current events of National & International Importance 25
4. History of India 25
5. Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal 25
6. Indian Polity and Economy 25
7. Indian National Movement 25
8. General Mental Ability 25

Now, that after taking a look at the syllabus its quite clear that a lot of things needs to be studied and a good strategy must be implemented to make sure that you are utilizing the maximum from the time you spend studying. The duration of the paper is of two and half hours.
If you look closely you will see that the weightage of marks in Current Affairs and General Studies is about 150 marks. While English and mental ability sections are having a wide area of study. But there is one important thing that should be kept in mind. English is also present in the WBCS (Main) Syllabus and so the preparation process should begin from the very start, meaning from the preliminary itself.

Key Points to remember  :
  1. Attempt the questions that you are 100% sure about FIRST.
  2. Try not to spend more than 40-50 seconds for a question.
  3. Don’t guess answers. (You are bound to make mistakes 99% of the time and loose valuable marks)
  4. If you get stuck, move ahead. Don’t get nervous. There are more questions to answer.
Now, lets dive deep into the preparation for the examination: 

Common method of study followed by many students is that they sort out the subject that needs to be studied. They go through it once, twice and thrice. But what they sometimes forget to do is, underline / highlight the most important facts they come across. What this enables the aspirant to do is that, the second time they come across the same text, they know exactly what needs to be studied. You see the highlights, and you know what you need to study. It saves your time as you don’t spend time reading through the whole matter.

Another important mistake many aspirants make. Aspirants seldom prepare themselves by regularly testing them. After reading through the different matters, you must test your self.
  1. Regularly test yourself.
  2. See how many questions you can answer correctly in the allotted time.
  3. Solve the previous years papers as you progress through each sections/subjects.
  4. Don’t leave the test paper solving to the end.
  5. After every two weeks go through what you studied. (Helps you to retain better)
Now, What to study? Where to study from? Which Books to buy? 

There are loads of books that are available for WBCS (Preliminary) preparation, but before you go on buying every other book that you come across, go through the list below and see our suggestions. We know that most of the questions in the General Studies are from the 10+2 level. Your concepts must be clear.
  1. History : NCERT Books (classes 11,12).
  2. Geography : NCERT Books (classes 11,12) or any geography book for secondary standard. A good atlas is also needed. (Oxford preferred)
  3. Science : NCERT Books (classes 6-12)
  4. Polity : NCERT Books (classes 11,12), along with the book by Dr. D. D. Basu
  5. Economy : NCERT Books (classes 11,12), daily newspapers are also needed to be gone through.
  6. Current Affairs : Manorama Year Book along with daily newspaper reading.
  7. English : Wren and Martin is best
  8. Mental Ability : R.S Agarwal is the most preferred.
  9. Magazines : Civil Service Chronicle is a good read along with Protiyogita Darpan.
  10. Oriental’s Book for WBCS (Preliminary) is also very helpful as it contains all solved previous year’s papers.
These books are enough for the WBCS (Preliminary) examination. Lastly, remember the key points discussed earlier.

Attitude is everything. Have faith and a great attitude and you will succeed. All the best !!